Good marketing will always help your business grow and earn profits.
Initially you have to know your target market to improve your business. You must research what customers are looking for and what they are expecting from businesses like you. It will allow you to set realistic expectations and goals.  You will not be able to know about your competitors target and plans if you do not carry out effective research.
The economy is now improving and it is the right time for you to start some visible marketing in your business, so that you can begin to reach potential customers and inform them about your services and products.
You must understand customer psychology (like how they behave and think) to become a good marketer. If you know what their expectations are and how they think, you can then market your services or products more effectively. 

Just think about what your business does that makes customers turn to you, instead of your competition.   What are you offering them which others are not? It is not always about price.  Try to provide your customers with excellent service. Train your employees well so that they can handle your customers efficiently. Remember that your customers may be in contact with your employees (not you) on the ‘phone so the first point of contact may be crucial and can make all the difference.
You should never underestimate the value of good market research.  Here are a few of my tips to help you concentrate on marketing your businesses:
•   Know your customers’ needs & wants, through research.
•   Watch your competitors and find out what they are doing
•   Find out any flaws in the market place and try to innovate
•   Know how you differ from your competitors
•   Spot your opportunities
•   Calculate the probable gains
•   Convert statistics into information and information into awareness
•   Check your product with actual people
•   Have proper communication plans

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