Your key message is the most crucial and primary communication tool in marketing.  It provides the basis for establishing clear cut, focused and specific marketing messages. The core message produces valuable ideas for many other marketing applications like emails, brochures, elevator pitch, sales letters and more.

The development of the key message takes you closer to market domination, as your message grabs the attention of the target audience and reinforces your branding and product positioning.

Establish it with insight  
Whilst establishing your key message, it is key to concentrate on your customer’s problems and unearth realistic solutions for them. The reply to the following questions will definitely assist you with it.

Who is your market?  You ought to recognise your core audience and the factors that inspire them.

Why do they need your services?  Realise what their problems really are and how you can truly help them.

Think about the following points to make your key message more helpful.

Keyword analysis: Thoroughly evaluate the keyword phrases that you need in your core message to communicate your brand and value.  Also, make a list of words that you must stay away from.

Don’t foget the sales cycle: Your core message should be matched to every step in the sales cycle.

Message testing: Evaluate it to guarantee that it works in all situations.

Educate your teams: Your teams that will use your core message must be taught its worth.

After you have created your core message, use it for all your marketing communications such as your website, professional biographies, letters of introduction to likely referral sources, networking introductions, radio & print advertisements and even in media releases or while speaking to the media.

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